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by jake on November 20, 2011

When you have Keloid you should never hesitate to get rid of things. Think of the way it disfigures your skin and make movement so difficult. Think of the pain and the itchy feelings you end up with and you will realize how important it is to get rid of this skin problem without delay. Since its discovery, scientist had made several efforts to develop various treatment methods for this skin problem. Some of the treatment methods developed had been very useful and will out rightly get rid of the skin problem. But some other ones are not so effective; they may only be able to positively affect a small fraction of those who have Keloid.

Try cryosurgery

Cryosurgery had been discovered to be a very helpful way of getting rid of this skin condition called Keloid. Do you want to be free from it? Then you want to make use of this method as it had been discovered to be one of the most reliable methods for the treatment of this skin condition. But the use of cryosurgery had been found to have its own side effect; it can result into hypo pigmentation on the person on whom it is applied. The use of the method may therefore not be the best choice for someone with darker skin color. This treatment method for Keloid had been combined with other treatment methods to reduce this possibility.

Radiation therapy can also be great

It is very possible to make use of radiation therapy for the treatment of this skin condition called Keloid. This method had been researched to be somewhat dependable in this regard.  At least about 80% success rate had been recorded when it is used. The method is able to prevent the possible reoccurrence of the skin condition after it had been removed. It is however used only after surgery had been performed to get rid of the Keloid.

The limitations

While the use of radiation therapy can be very helpful on Keloid, some concerns had also been raised by scientist. It had been discovered that the use of this method can lead to long term effect on the patient on whom it is used. The patient may end up with malignancy and this may lead to the development of cancer. In this situation, an erstwhile benign skin condition may develop to cancerous growth. But this situation is not wide spread. It had only been discovered in very small percentage of patients with Keloid.


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