Tattoos And Keloids

by jake on August 29, 2011

Tattoos And Keloids

Tattoos may appear attractive to those interested in them but it is essential to get to know the pros and cons of getting one.  Before you decide to take up a tattoo, it is advisable to gain more knowledge on the risk factors so as to make the best decision possible.  Any people have ended up regretting why they ever decided to go for a tattoo due to the effects that have come in later. There is a relationship between tattoos and keloids and unfortunately most people who suffer from keloids should not even think of getting a tattoo. If keloids are also in your family line, then it is also dangerous to go for a tattoo which may end up becoming a keloid in the end.

It is well know that the procedure of getting a tattoo on your body will involve skin piercing.  In case the professional doing it is not clean, then a serious infection can be realized. The equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilize so as to avoid the transmission of any kind of infections.  These piercing have a great relation between tattoos and keloids. This can be justified by the fact that a keloid can develop as the tattoo heals.

The tattoo dyes can also be responsible for causing allergic kind of reactions. This may make a person itch and feel pain around the area where the tattoo has been placed.  Unfortunately, these allergic reactions can still take place even after many years.

The Risk of Keloid formation is vey high for those who have the genes in them. This fact alone should strongly discourage you from getting a tattoo as you may not be ready t go through the effects and costs of having and treating a keloid.

Some MRI complications can also take place as a result of the tattoos. This can cause a burning sensation on the areas that have been affected. The quality of the image produced can also be affected by the tattoo.

Many people do not take time to consider the repercussion of having a tattoo. Other than the effects that this would have on one as he or she grows older, Keloids and other complications should be worth considering.  Removing a tattoo would not be the easiest thing to do as it may involve years of laser treatment. Tattoos and keloids do have some relationship and it should be pointed pout to those interested in getting tattoos.



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