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by jake on May 20, 2012

Keloids is never an interesting skin condition. It can come up on several parts of the body. It occurs as a result of healed wound on the skin. Collagen fiber helps to get wounds healed and this can form a scar on the healed area. Keloids occur when the scar grows beyond the normal skin area and spread to other parts of the skin. The growing keloids ends up looking like branching bumps on the skin.  Keloids can come up if you allow your wounds to be brushed or taken through unnecessary friction before they are healed.

Various treatment methods

Many of these methods had been discovered to be able to get rid of this skin problem within a considerably short period of time. The only thing about making use of these methods for treating the skin condition is that you should never expect them to work like magic. None of them will bring about an overnight complete healing to this skin condition. Patience is therefore very essential as a virtue that you must possess when you are thinking of treating this skin condition and becoming permanently free from it.

Topical cream treatment

It is possible to get rid of keloids using certain specially designed topical creams. You only need to apply the topical creams simply and directly on the skin condition. The topical creams can also be obtained over the counter without any doctor’s prescription. These creams have the capability of reducing the size of the bumps. With consistent treatment, you can be sure of complete removal of the bumps.

There are different manufacturers that are making the topical creams these days. You should ensure that what you are buying is reliable. Check out the reviews on any of the creams before you buy. You can also ask others who had used it before. The issue of cost should also be considered while you are buying the topical creams. If you search well enough, you should be able to buy very good topical creams for keloids at a considerably reduced cost.


It will be great if you can wash the surface of the keloids before you apply the topical cream. This will help the topical cream to work better on the skin condition. In order to get the keloids removed on time, you should endeavor to apply the cream up to twice in a day. Consistency will help to get rid of the keloids from your skin.


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