Removing Acne Keloid

by jake on November 9, 2011

Removing Acne Keloid

Acne is a common problem among very many adolescents and adults around the globe. Getting to deal with acne can be very difficult and discouraging especially when most of the treatment options just do not work. Many get to spend so much money only to get totally frustrated in the end. There are a myriad of products in the market that offer a solution for acne but the question remains, do they work?

The acne keloid is easily identifiable in the skins surface since it appears raised and very unattractive. It is mainly caused by the flesh overgrowing in the skin due to some form of injury. The skin can easily be damaged which may result to the development f the acne keloids on the particular spot where the pimple had surfaced. The reality is that the acne keloids can be very tough to treat.

Since the acne keloid is rather hard to treat, its intensity and visibility can be reduced with time. This can be achieved if the bump can flatten out and become even on the skin. The application of pressure for approximately five minutes continuously 3 times in each given day can greatly flatten out the acne keloid. The results can be realized and noticed after seven days of faithfully following the procedure.

The technique can easily work for most people suffering from acne keloid. In case this does not work, then all is not lost as they are also other kinds of options that are available. You can go ahead and freeze the acne keloid with the use of liquid nitrogen.  The process is very fast and painless and the chances of getting positive results are simply very high. The laser kind of therapy is also well known for the painless process and high success rates.

There are other forms of treatment that one can select from in removing the acne keloid. Surgery, radiation and injection are the modern types that usually have a similar outcome. It is worth pointing out that these treatment options may display certain side effects and therefore being able identify and point out the risks is very advantageous.

The acne keloid scars are not harmful but appear unattractive. Some of the cases may be so severe that it would become rather difficult to even touch them. It is essential to cleanse the face as often as possible so as to eliminate the chances of getting the acne keloid scars.


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