Prevention Of Keloids

by jake on October 19, 2011

Keloids are thick shiny scars that come as a result of excess fibrous tissue that come as a result of a healing wound. They are not harmful neither are they painful. They maybe a little uncomfortable to have that’s why there are some reasons to prevent keloids from occurring.

The first thing is to avoid hurting your skin, accidentally or even intentionally because that is the main cause of keloids. The skin will not just develop keloids unless it`s hurt. At same time you should avoid tattooing your body because that is hurting the skin too. This should be highly avoided especially if you come from a family that has keloid history.

You should always avoid surgeries that are not necessary like the reconstructive surgeries and the breast implant surgeries. This could not be a necessary surgery and could be resulting to a huge keloid. This could especially be a huge reason for keloids to those who are prone to keloids.

Take care of your skin always. Treat it to the spa and your skin will treat you in return. You could do this maybe once in a while. Keeping your skin moist helps in a great way by enabling it to decrease tension thus when your skin is scratched it will take it and not be weak.

Any time you get your skin hurt or cut, the measures you take are important. You should always be careful and immediately you have a wound, go for a cortisone injection as soon as you can. This reduces the risk of getting keloids. Remember this is the number one cause for keloids.

Your collagen intake should be high because collagen increases your tissue production. You can get collagen from soymilk, cheese, tomatoes, and red pepper. Cheese and soymilk produces gem stein that helps in the production of collagen. For the red pepper , it produces lycopene that is antioxidants and also help in the production of collagen.

If you must undergo a surgery that maybe is health related, make sure to talk to your doctor and explain if maybe you have a family history of high collagen production.

Vitamin intake is very important for your skin. If you can be able to get protein supplement, It could help in a great way especially vitamin a, vitamin c, and vitamin e.

Take care of your skin and avoid excessive skin activity to avoid keloids.


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