Over The Counter Creams For Keloids

by jake on March 24, 2012

Keloids are scar tissues which grow at an excessive rate, even after the skin injury has been healed. They are mainly composed of collagen and they not only leave behind a giant scar on one’s body, but the scar can also be itchy and irritating. The various symptoms associated with keloids include the formation of a pink, red or flesh colored scar or lumpy or nodular surface of the skin. The causes of keloids include burns, acne, ear or any other piercings, chicken pox, surgical cuts, minor scratches, sites of vaccinations and traumatic cuts etc.

Over the counter creams for keloids

There are quite a few over the counter creams available, which one can use for the treatment of keloids. Most of the keloids scars removing creams are made of silicone or a silicone based. The person suffering from keloids needs apply these creams on the affected area, multiple times a day, for the creams to be effective. However, silicone is an expensive substance and so, the keloids removing creams containing silicone are expensive as well. Hence, these creams may not be within the budget of everyone. People should also know that there are certain side effects associated with using silicone.

People can also opt for non silicon based gels and creams for keloids, which are also available over the counter. These creams are not as effective as the silicone based creams and the process of scar removal with these creams is very time consuming. Even though these creams and gels take more time to heal the scar, they do not have any side effects. Besides, these creams are not very expensive as well because of which, most people can afford buying them.

Herbal creams

Because of the popularity of herbal products, one can also find various keloids removal creams which are made from different herbs and are very effective. These creams are made from exotic herbs found in the Indian Sub Continent, following the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. There are no side effects of using these Ayurvedic herbal scar removal creams and they can completely remove the scar in a short period of time. These creams can easily be purchased from various online and offline pharmacies and distributors, who sell herbal products. They may be comparatively costlier than other over the counter creams.

There are a variety of over the counter creams for keloids removal, available in the market.


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