Laser Keloid Scar Removal

by jake on May 28, 2012

A Keloid can appear like scars on the skin. They usually come up on parts of the skin where a wound had been earlier. After the wound is healed, keloids tend to develop in its place. It is due to the excessive accumulation of collagen on the skin. The purpose of the collagen growth over the wound is originally to heal the wound. But due to some abnormalities in the information of the collagen fibers, it tends to become a problem. The scar can even grow beyond the limits of the original wound when it begins to appear. This way, it can lead to very strong pain. Those who had felt it had reported about some very sharp and pin like pain when they have the Keloid scar on their skin.

Its general appearance

Keloid scar does not cause any thing like cancer at all. The only thing is that it may end up getting ulcerated if something drastic is not done about it when it is noticed.  It grows in a fork like dimension on the wound area and then extends to other parts around the original wound area. When this occurs, the person bearing the skin problem finds it rather difficult to move the affected part of the skin. If the affected part contains a joint, the Keloid scar may make movement impossible in that area.

How can it be treated?

There are several ways to get rid of keloids scar on your skin. It is possible to remove it through surgery. The surgery is performed by surgeons and this will get rid of the thing in a short period of time. The left over scar can then be treated immediately.  Aside the use of surgery, there are some specially made topical creams that can be applied on the keloid. With time, the skin condition will be melted and your normal skin will be regained.

The use of laser

The two methods described above may not be too helpful to get rid of a keloid . This is because the skin condition tends to grow back after using them. But one method that you can always rely upon involves the use of laser. Laser   gives a 100% assurance when you use it for treating your keloids. It is also a very fast way to get rid of the skin condition. Laser treatment of keloid scar can be performed at the hospital. It is however considerably expensive in comparison with the other methods available.



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