Keloids Treatments

by jake on October 28, 2011

Keloids treatments options will vary and many people who are having very limited resources will opt for the cheaper methods. Many in this category will go for the silicone type of creams and gels since they are less costly. As time goes by, the silicon type of products will flatten making the scars diminish. This will also encourage the growth of the non keloid. Keloids treatments can be done at home under self supervision.

Keloids treatments use varying techniques and the costs will depend on the particular approach that has been used. The scars can be very uncomfortable which can diminish and crush down a persons self esteem. The condition can be treated using a silicone based scar gel that can make the scars fade away.

Most people would shy away from surgical keloids treatments since they are scared of the side effects. For others, their top priority would be to get rid of the condition and thus would not really care about the side effects. The surgical approaches are effective though they come with a high price. Some of the stubborn type of the scars will require the use of steroid injections and in some cases radiation can be used as part of the keloids treatments. Keloids are mysterious since a lot of research and studies have been done and yet many questions in relation to the ailment still remain unanswerered.

The dermatologists utilize two forms of keloids treatments. The cortisone shots will cause the scar to flatten though it may make it rather red in the process. The doctor can easily recommend the use of monthly injections. This form of treatment will require a lot of patience in order for the redness to go down.

Laser treatment is often preferred since it is not affected by reddening of the skin. The use of laser as a form of keloid treatments will burn away the scar since the top layer of the skin is eliminated and fresh skin is surfaced. Most of the insurance companies do not provide cover for the keloid treatments. This makes people seek for cheaper forms of treatment with the natural and home therapies being on the top of the list. Using the natural keloids treatments options repeatedly will yield higher results.   It is advisable to seek the advise of the doctor so as to get the best keloids treatment that will be within your budget.


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