Keloids Scars

by jake on September 30, 2011

Keloids are not the usual kind of every day scars. Many of the blemishes tend to fade away which is not the case with this type of scars. There are raised with a rather thick texture that may have some kind of bumpy appearance. The shade of the scar can range from pink, red and even purple. The Keloids simply cannot be hidden making them quite embarrassing. Notably, there are quite a number of creams that can be used to fade the scars away permanently.

Any kind of trauma that the skin can face may result to the hypertrophic scars. They occur to different kinds of people irrespective of the particular skin type that they may have. These kinds of blemishes could come about as a result of some accidental kind of injuries and even surgical incisions. It is ideal to make a selection of a suitable scar cream to treat the condition.

Keloids can attack any part of one’s body though in most cases they become eminent on the shoulders, breast bone and the ears. They usually do not extend their boundaries beyond the area that has been injured. With time this scars can easily fade of but the reality is that they do not completely go away.

Keloids are also unique in the manner at which they cause itching. They are not painful but are very sensitive to touch even from clothes. This can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment especially in public areas.

There are those who have opted to go for surgery in a bid to eliminate these blemishes off. It is important to note that these scars can also be caused as a result of the incisions that are caused by surgery. Even after surgery is performed, the likelihood of having a mark being left behind is still very high. The safest approach to eliminate these type of scars is to use a scar cream that will greatly assist in fading of the scars.

It is advisable to exercise a high level of caution when making a consideration to utilize the laser form of treatment.  This approach has a high chance of eliminating the scar but the chances of it reoccurring are very high. There are numerous creams in the market that can greatly assist in fading of the Keloids from the body.


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