Keloids Problems

by jake on February 2, 2012

Keloids are troubling pinkish disfigurement that emerge on top of the skin as a result of too much tissue patch up. Despite their widespread occurrence, keloids is the most tricky skin conditions to effectively take care of and may have a major psychosocial impact on the individual.  Both the Keloid and hypertrophic disfigurements have affected patients in addition to annoying physicians over a long period of time. The sad part is the reality that the inflammations may be several, located in a spot that cannot be covered. This experience has multiple psycological effects that at times culminate in embarrassments.

Patients with Keloids protest that it affects their work. The effects are mostly felt when the keloid starts releasing pain. In other cases, a contaminated keloid may develop and emit an offensive odor. These along with the fear of the discomfort the victim imagine they are causing their workmates simply amounts to a colossal keloid problem. Keloids as an impediment of wound recovery have been seen to be esthetically intolerable by the patient.    Keloids lesions also tend to limit social contact as well as creating stigma in the patients especially on those who perceive them as contagious.

The difficulty with these scars is that keloids don’t stop developing in addition to migrating into soft tissue that hasn’t been wounded. Most ordinary scars have a tendency to disappear over time, unlike the keloids which do not but rather grow bigger. Another problem of the keloids is the fact that medical science cannot explain why they occur or on whom they will show up and hence it is not possible to propose any preventative actions. If Keloids run in your bloodline and you have had an experience with them, the likelihood that they will recur following an injury or piercing is almost assured. However there are unique exceptions. The lone way to keep away from keloid scars is to avoid injuring yourself, whether intentionally or accidentally. This is not always easy though. Mishaps happen. Infections like chicken pox in addition come about and can lead to Keloids scars. There are actions one can observe to do away with keloids, but re-emergence is very possible. These actions include Radiation and chemotherapy, drugs in addition to surgery and healing creams. You can also apply gels keeping a keen eye to their merits and shortcomings.  This may require the use of more than one method to overcome the problem. The stubborn element in overcoming keloids however remains everyone’s concern.



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