Keloids Herbal Treatments

by jake on June 30, 2011

Keloids herbal treatments

The keloid can be described as a particular kind of scar that has an overgrowth of fibrous scar of the tissue. It appears raised and puffy and can continue to grow bigger even after the wound is already healed.

The keloid can result due to a wound or a cut or even a wound that was scratched very hard resulting to some damage on the skin. The condition can attack virtually any kind of person with those having darker kind of complexion being at a higher risk. This could be due to a certain abnormality with the stimulating hormones. The reality is that the keloids are common among those people of Asian and African descent.

Sign of keloids

The keloids become visible in the body and take on a firm and smooth raised scar that may cover an area that is beyond that of the actual wound. It can actually keep growing for a certain period of time. Some of the signs that are associated with the keloids include tenderness, itchiness and pain on the areas that have been affected.  The skin may also change its shade to appear either lighter or probably darker.

The treatment

The instant that you notice a keloid scar on your body, it would be advisable to seek urgent medical advice. There are many forms of treatment available to get rid of the condition. Modern medicine will bring in the ideas of having surgery and radiation while there are other forms of natural treatment. Keloid herbal treatment options are available and come at less cost. There are best preferred since they do not have any notable side effects as compared to procedures such as laser. Once a person goes for surgery, the chances of having the keloid reoccur are higher than adapting to the keloid herbal treatments.

The Chinese have used acupuncture as a form of keloid herbal treatment. This procedure is known to improve on the circulation of the blood in the body. This in turn enhances the ability of the skin to heal the ugly keloid scar.

There are other home remedies that have also been used to treat keloids. These involve the use of products that are readily available within one’s reach. It is hence advisable to carry out research in a bid to determine the best treatment options to go for. Keloid herbal treatments have been effective and require a lot of patience and consistency.


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