Keloid Treatment

by jake on April 23, 2012

A keloid scar is caused by the excessive growth of collagen on the skin. It usually comes up on areas of the skin where a wound had been earlier. After the wound had healed, the keloid tends to come up on the same place; leading to the formation of keloids. It had been noticed that keloids come up more on blacks than Caucasians. A keloid will rarely stop growing on the skin. Removing keloid does not necessarily mean that they will not come up again on the skin again. This is why you should choose your treatment method very carefully. Some of the common treatment methods you can apply on the skin condition will be shown below.

Surgical solution

It is very possible to remove a keloid through surgery. This method of removal had been performed on several occasions with a great measure of success. It involves simple removal of the excess growth of keloid from the affected area. There is however no complete assurance that a keloid treated this way will not come back again. This method gives about 60% assurance. The surgical method for removing the skin condition can also be very expensive. This is one of the reasons several individuals are trying to avoid using it.  it may therefore be better to go for topical creams to get rid of the skin condition.

Try some topical creams

Some people may not be able to save the money for surgical removal of the keloid. In case you are among this group of people, you can always get the keloids removed using topical cream, which will help to reduce the height of the skin condition.  . You can get the topical creams to buy over the counter. After the topical creams have reduced the height of the keloids, it will also help to lighten the skin area and remove the disfiguring color of the keloids.


When an injured area of the skin gets irritated, it stands a greater chance of developing a keloid scar. Clothing had been discovered to lead to the irritation.  In order to prevent keloid development,   try to avoid irritation of the skin area. It is therefore better to wear loose fitting clothing over any injury. It is better to get your wounds treated on time and this will prevent the formation of keloids on the skin.  It is also helpful to consume foods that are rich in collagen. This will help to reduce the possibility of keloids coming up on your skin.



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