Keloid Scarring

by jake on February 19, 2012

Keloid and the scar that comes along with it can impair free body movement. A keloid  is usually accompanied with very serious pain and anyone having it will not find things easy in the least. It is never in the interest of anyone to have this skin condition in the least. It is very itchy and excessive scratching. Scratching a keloid can lead to the development of ulcer on the scratched area. Scratching it can even lead to the extension and expansion of the skin problem. Anyone having a keloid can get it treated and be free from the skin condition and its accompanying scars. This write up will show you some very simple treatment methods that you can easily implement.


A keloid and its scars can be removed through surgery very easily. In case you do not mind the cost of surgery, you can always make use of this treatment method. The doctor will carry out a direct excision of the growth on your skin. The resulting wound can then be treated normally. This method had been found to be very useful for treating this skin condition. The only thing is that it is not dependable all the time. Surgical removal of keloids may not be the best way to get things done. This is because many individuals develop the keloids again after its surgical removal.

Radiation therapy

It is almost always better to combine this method of treating keloids and its scars together with surgery. When the two of them are combined, it become possible to prevent any case of reoccurrence that would have resulted if only the surgical method described above had been used for treating the Keloid scar. With the aid of the radiation therapy, the growth of the skin condition is prevented; the surgical removal will then be more effective

Pulsed dye laser

This method is also very useful for the removal of keloids and its scars. It is becoming very popular in recent times and many people are resorting to it in place of surgery. It has the capability to remove the keloids and its scars from your skin under a very short period of time. It tends to have this retrogressive effect on the skin condition and this helps to bring about a complete melting away. This method can also be combined with surgery to bring about permanent healing to the skin condition. You can as well leave your doctor to determine the treatment method that will be best for you.



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