Keloid Removal Cream

by jake on April 26, 2012

Most people who have had an experience with keloid will tell you that they can be challenging to get rid of them from the skin. This is mostly because they sometimes recur even several times after removal. However, even with that in mind it is good to try possible methods that can successfully clear it off. They are basically caused by simple skin piecing, probably tattooing, and bite from an insect and sometimes acne.


This shows that the danger of getting keloid is never far from us. Before you begin to fight for its removal, the best method is to ensure that any possible window that can let it in is treated. Generally their formation is an attempt from the skin to fight against infections or cut. The difference between them and other scars is that they normally continue to develop with time, swelling into a big nodule.


Several methods have been successfully used to cure the condition. Most methods may be very general, but keloid removal cream has been used successfully. In this case, topical creams are found to be the best. For instance, silicone creams are effective in killing the presence of keloid.


Silicone sheeting is normally placed on the scar area and allows fighting the effect. It is usually able to produce good result, if it is applied for a number of hours and even weeks. Sometimes the effectiveness of silicon sheeting is only felt after consistent application for months. This makes some patient to report that it is not effective. In other words, this treatment requires a lot of commitment and determination to be able to get the results.


The other keloid removal cream is called scar cream or gel. It contains some amount of silicone, but in a different form from what silicon cream is. The cream is meant to cover the scar and ensure that it is totally eradicated with time. Once the scar is removed, then affected skin area can become more flexible as it was originally.


The use of silicone or other topical creams is usually slow. It takes time to see results from the start of treatment. This means that the person undergoing treatment using the creams will need a lot of patience before they can heal. It is therefore important not to dismiss the creams to be ineffective after having used them for just a few days. As it has been mentioned earlier, the healing process can take even months, if not weeks to prove great.


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