Keloid Problems

by jake on March 3, 2012

Keloid is a very common occurrence. After your wound had been healed, it is possible for keloids to appear on the healed area. Accumulation of collagen is responsible for the formation of keloids. The purpose of the collagen growth over the wound is originally to heal the wound. But due to some abnormalities in the information of the collagen fibers, it tends to become a problem. The scar can even grow beyond the limits of the original wound when it begins to appear. This way, it can lead to very strong pain. Keloids pain is almost always accompanied by very painful sensations on your skin. It is known to come with a pin like painful sensation.

The associated problems

As soon as keloid is noticed on the skin, something should be done about it quickly. If it is left untreated, the skin may get ulcerated. Keloids had never been known to lead to cancer. It grows in a fork like dimension on the wound area and then extends to other parts around the original wound area. When this occurs, the person bearing the skin problem finds it rather difficult to move the affected part of the skin. Movement may become rather difficult if the part of the body affected by keloids is a joint

Things to look out for

Keloid does not only appear on areas of the body where wound healing had taken place; it had been known to also come up on places where there had not been wounds earlier.  They can also take opportunity of very small wounds to come up. Pimples, simple scratch and even ear piercing had been known to result into this skin condition. In case you have acne or treated chicken pox, you too stand a very good chance of ending up with keloids on your skin.


Both male and female can end up with keloid after their wounds are healed. Three is rarely any age limit to those that can be affected by the skin condition too. It even tends to be worse in younger ones. They still have their body growing and when the skin condition appears on them, it tends to grow as their body size grows. At the end of the day, the skin problem grows so big on them. When you notice this skin condition on you, you should make effort to visit the hospital. Laser treatment can be applied on it to get rid of the skin condition from your skin.



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