Getting Rid Of Keloids

by jake on July 8, 2011

Getting rid of Keloids would be a dream come true to many sufferers. Many people have tried different forms of treatment that are inclusive of the home remedies, over the counter drugs with no positive results. The good news is that there are some reliable and effective methods that one can use to get rid of the keloids scars. Most of the top rated approaches are inclusive of surgery which eliminates them, permanently in most of the cases.

Many people would actually freak at the idea of having to use the laser form of treatment to get rid of the keloids scars. These approaches will entail the use of the laser on the skin to eliminate the top layer where the keloids scars are evident. This reveals a new layer of skin making the skin appear more attractive once the process has been totally completed. The lasers can also be utilized to stimulate the growth of the collagen that is found beneath the surface of the skin. Collagen plays a big role in healing the ugly keloids scars on the skin.

The keloids scars are treated with both the cynosure and the candela lasers that are a combination of the steroid injection that greatly assists in flattening the scars of. This combination has been tried and tested and it is now rated as the very best.

Once the laser treatment for keloids scars has been accomplished, aftercare is very important. The area that has been treated will require washing with soap that is mild and patting it rather gently. A non stick kind of bandage can be applied after using some antibiotic kind of ointment.  The bandage will then take care of the remaining part of the healing process within a few days. It is essential to revisit your dermatologist within 2 months of treatment.

The use of laser treatment to get rid of the keloids scars can be a little complex. A good example would be that of a dark skinned person may not be able to use this form of treatment. For people who suffer from psoriasis and even dermatitis among other skin ailments, they may not have the process accomplished using laser treatment due to certain complications that may hinder this.

For those who suffer from acne, the medication taken will determine whether you can go ahead with the laser form of treatment to eliminate the keloids scars. In some cases the doctor may advise that you stay away from the medication for some time before the laser treatment can be effected.


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