Can Ear Piercing Cause Keloids?

by jake on April 1, 2012

Keloids can be referred to as overgrowths of some scar tissues especially on the site of an injured skin. They are reddish coloured nodules which are slightly raised and are found at the site of  a wound that is just healing and such scars are made up of connective tissues that holds the healing wound together. When Keloids sets in , the fibroblasts of the wound continue to multiply, and  repair the damaged skin site. Keloids thus protrude out of the surface of the skin to form a mound of scar tissues.


Keloids may form on any part of the body but they are most predominant on the upper chest, upper back and the shoulders. They are characterized  by several symptoms which may include; unusual sensations, itchiness, redness and the pigmentation of the skin. Most people do not really develop Keloids but they develop such after suffering from an injury. Acne, insect bites and even pimples are some of the healing wounds which can result in Keloids.  It is believed that around 10% of people around the world develop Keloids at one time or the other and both men and women are affected.


Keloids are benign in nature. They may form some tumours but they are not normally malignant in nature, hence they only pose some cosmetic nuisance on the skin and not really a health hazard.


It has been observed that ear piercing done especially before the age of 11 might actually be better for some cosmetic and health reasons. According to researches, individuals who perform ear piercings at age 11 or older are more likely to develop keloids later on. According to the details of the research, 85% of people who had their ear pierced at age 11 or older start to develop keloids very early while less than 10% of individuals who pierced their ears before their 11th birthday start to develop keloids.


The issue of ear piercing and keloids development is still under investigation, but reports suggests that the tissues around the ear , and it is also believed that more than 40% of people who suffer from keloids often have some genetic linkages to the infection. Researches have shown that many individuals who suffer from keloids have their parents especially who have suffered from the infection at one time or the other. Cosmetic approaches can help a lot in dealing with Keloids.


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