Best Treatment For Keloids

by jake on September 16, 2011

Keloids are a thick, shiny and hard scar that comes as a result of a healing wound producing excess fibrous tissue as the skin adaptations are to stop excessive bleeding. At times the scar over grows the usual level of the skin and this makes it easy to notice. They are harmless but most people tend to try to get rid of them.

There has not been an official way to treat keloids. You can`t get rid of keloids completely and if you are unlucky, the keloids might grow even bigger after trying to get them off. A few companies however are working towards attaining the complete cure for keloids.

One of the ways to get rid of keloids is by undergoing surgery. Note that the keloid was at first brought by a wound so trying to remove a keloid, the keloid could appear again as it heals and come back even bigger. However if the surgery conducted and followed up with other treatments could work. Laser therapy is effective removal of a peel that reduces the size of a keloid.

There are other treatments that are safer and no side effects by any chance. It is however painless. There are some wound coverings that are moist and they help greatly in keloid removal. They are made out of silicone gel. The process is gradual but works at last.

Injections could be uncomfortable but this is yet another way of keloid removal. Steroid injections are preferred but in some cases where for example we have multiple keloids could bring a little discomfort. You have to take a few of the injections before the keloids reduce in their large sizes. If your keloid scars are too hard or many, you could opt for anesthetic although it wears off and is painful.

You could prevent new scars and yet at the same time finish off the old ones. Compress the keloids by tying a bandage. This could go on for the next couple of weeks.

The treatment you get also depends on where your keloid is situated. If it on small and is on a light pigment, cryotherapy could be a suitable option to clear off keloids.

If your keloid occurred in a place where it doesn’t penetrate the body deeply, you could go for a radiation therapy. Orthovoltage has more effect than on the radiation therapy.

For new cuts, use a warm teabag or towel and hold it for about 5 minutes. Tea oil is likewise effective.


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